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Sunday, 31 July 2016



Sergeant at United States Army Special Forces 
Lives in Dallas, Texas 
In a relationship with (name removed) 
From Dallas, Texas

Am a simple man that love simplicity, I love wisdom and I love where it is falling like bubbles
everyday. Am blunt and straight forward and I hate every dishonest being, just wanna be myself everyday

I don't give a delm of what u say about me, all I do is keep my head straight

Adame Perry says he is Special Forces.. and when you look you can get worried because he mentions he is in a relationship with someone... then when you look at his posts... I think he isn't maybe happy in his relationship!
He has been James Adame previously... and James, Male 38 on Badoo. (His URL on Badoo is (!!!!!))

Male , 42 , Single
Now.. back to this relationship of his... as you are about to see his English is great. 

''Pls friends beg me Dioso criselda on my behave, she's making me so sad now, pls help my feeling, help my future''

She replies with words of love !

So, well, I will warn her that her Adame isn't and he is Nigerian on a laptop... but she seems smitten...

Well, as he said about himself... he '' don't give a delm''

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